Our Professional Reflexology Program

The Still Waters Wellness Professional Reflexology Program will provide students with the following:
The skills and abilities to practice Reflexology as a career.
Sufficient course hours to join the Reflexology Association of America.
Sufficient course hours and necessary skills/ability to test for the American Reflexology Certification Board. This organization can provide you the designation of Nationally Certified Reflexologist. Free review and preparatory sessions will be provided for two years following successful completion of your course work. I recommend waiting about one year before taking the exam. (Further discussion of state requirements and Michigan’s status at this time will be discussed in the Welcome Kit)

This course will contain:
Anatomy and Physiology: each body system will be covered with an emphasis on the related Reflexology practices
Reflexology: history, theory, technique for feet, hands and ears, benefits of, contraindications, etc.
Anatomy and physiology of the lower leg and foot, pathologies of feet and hands
Meridian concepts as related to Reflexology
Business-building and practices
Professional Ethics
Supervised classroom and clinical work

Break Down of Hour Requirements

Classroom – 92 hours
Clinical – 12 hours
Tutorial – 6 hours
Practice Documentation – 90 hours
Projects – 10 hours

Location: To be determined

Class Dates

Classes dates to be determined.

Program Costs

Tuition: $1,500
  • 5% discount offered if tuition is paid in full by time of first class
  • $150 deposit due with application (refundable until 9-20-08)

Note: You may pay by-the-class at a cost of $122.75 per class, however, tuition must be paid in full before exam can be taken.

Approximate cost of text books: $100 [Note: You will be responsible for finding the best price for your books – new or used is fine with me. Book list will accompany your Welcome Kit which gives you more detail.]


Register by mail and pay by check: Registration form (12k PDF)

Register online and pay with PayPal: [Not available at this time]

The Instructor: Sharon Vermeulen

Sharon is a Reflexologist and Naturopathic Educator, certified by the Institute of Alternative Medicine and Education, a 600 hour course, as well as the Guardian Reflexology and Massage Institute, a 150 hour course. She is a member of the Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals and the Reflexology Association of America. Sharon’s college degree is in Education from Western Michigan University.

Her background in teaching and public speaking enables her to present the materials in a way that will leave you feeling inspired and confident in your abilities to help others with Reflexology.

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Reflexology for Everyday Life

Sharon Vermeulen has taught "Reflexology for Everyday Life" for the past 3 years to various groups. This is an introductory course in Reflexology that enables the student to work on his/her family and friends. For more information, click here.

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