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Still Waters Wellness was actually born in the hearts of our directors and our practitioners many years ago, as life events led each one to study various healing modalities.

In 2011, Suzan was contacted by our first client who was looking to implement a Reiki program - training their staff to administer healing Reiki to their residents.  Suzan’s background in education and curriculum writing, as well as her advanced training in Reiki, made her the perfect match to create such a program.  In that first year, she trained over 20 staff members in multiple buildings and hundreds of beautiful Reiki sessions were administered as a result of this training.  As she saw fit, she incorporated EFT and RET into her Reiki sessions.

Jim came on-board in 2013, adding Bowenwork and Pet Therapy Plus to our menu of services.  Since then, other modalities have been added as a result of additional training and requests from our clients.  (Let us know if there is something that you are interested in that we don’t currently offer!)

Although we still provide training, the Still Waters Wellness program has moved toward a service-provider model where a variety of on-site services are provided directly to the members of communities.

Since 2011, Still Waters Wellness has evolved to become Dallas’ only on-site provider of effective, non-pharmaceutical pain, stress and trauma healing modalities.

Our Directors


Jim and Suzan Kearney bring together their combined 25+ years of working in the field of trauma and pain recovery.

Jim retired from a line-of-duty injury from New York City Fire Department.  After his retirement, his desire to help and serve was redirected to the healing arts as he traveled the world learning various modalities directly from the masters.  He has a particular talent for working with trauma of all kinds - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Suzan has a background as an elementary school teacher, curriculum & program writer and public speaker.  Through a traumatic turn of events in her own life, she redirected her educator’s heart to focus on the world of trauma recovery.  She opened her private practice in 2004, where she served private clients and conducted group programs and seminars using Rapid Eye Technology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki.

Together, Jim and Suzan have combined their strengths to create a synergistic blend of their talents to create outstanding, on-site healing programs for facilities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are appreciated for their depth of knowledge and skills, coupled uncommon levels of compassion and patience.

Each of our practitioners are vetted in their individual areas of expertise. They undergo extensive and on-going professional training to stay abreast of new developments in the industry. Each carries industry-standard levels of insurance.

Still Waters Wellness practitioners have exhibited a fondness for working with the under-served, disabled and palliative care communities.  They demonstrate proficiency in the fine arts of reliability, compassion, discretion, good judgement, and attention to detail

We are honored to serve in our community and your facility!
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Suzan Kearney, Program Director
phone: (972) 768-9892
email: Suzan@StillWatersWellness.com

What Are People Saying?
  • “My feet have never felt so good. They always hurt, but they don’t now.” (Chronic plantar fasciitis, injections were no help, still pain-free at follow-up six weeks later)
  • “My whole week after I saw you was so PRODUCTIVE!  It felt so good to get things done! Thank you!” (Nursing staff)
  • “I’ve had this sciatica for months.  10 minutes of this treatment and it’s GONE. I almost don’t believe I ever had it.” (Resident)
  • “I don’t feel as scared.  There’s a peace for me about it.” (Patient facing big decision)

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