Our Programs

We can create a program that is unique and personalized to your facility. For instance, a skilled nursing center would have a completely different program than an independent living community. The differences are based on the payer model of the facility and what level of service is desired.
What are the steps to setting up a program?

A. Schedule a 90-minute appointment for Suzan to come to your facility.

B. During this initial appointment we

  • Assess the goals and desired outcomes for your community,
  • Discuss the range of needs to be met, exploring general building-wide trends to specific resident's issues, and
  • Provide demo sessions to key staff members and decision makers.  Direct experiences are vital to understand our modalities.

C. After this initial assessment, you will receive a written proposal that will include all of the implementation details - timing, cost, sample contract.

D. We get started on an agreed-upon start date!

Facility-Paid Programs

To reflect varying needs at each site, we typically create programs that are building-specific.  Each program is contracted through, and invoiced to, the facility for a set number of hours/week or month and can have a term of 12-months, 18-months, or 24-months.

Still Waters Wellness works in conjunction with your staff (nursing, administrative, therapy, social services, activities) to develop a case load based on internal referrals from staff.

Our practitioners track their work with these referrals, communicating progress and any concerns directly back to staff.  A binder is maintained on-site with referral forms and progress notes.

We can employ a great deal of flexibility regarding who we see and where we work:

  • If there is someone in crisis, we can work with them on the spot.
  • Typically, most patients are seen in their rooms, as they are--in their bed or wheelchair.
  • If available, we'll setup a massage table in an empty room (resident room, chapel, community room, etc.). This additional work space is needed if resident rooms are semi-private, as some residents prefer to receive their sessions in private.
  • We can also work on staff and residents’ families when a secluded space is available.


Our fees range from $120-200 per hour depending on the programs: number of hours per week, length of contract term and number of buildings.

How many residents are attended?

Still Waters Wellness can work with 2-3 individual residents per hour, per practitioner.

We can also facilitate groups.

  • Reiki groups are a great way to provide relaxation to any size group of residents at once.
  • Bowenwork groups are developed with individuals with around common ailments/symptoms. For example, multiple residents with knee pain can be worked on as a group in a community room taking 30-45 minutes.

These groups are flexible - we can form them and dissolve them as needed.

Available Services

All Still Waters Wellness services are available in a direct-invoiced program.

Resident-Paid Programs

Enriching the amenities of your facility, a Resident-Paid program is chiefly a function of scheduling and providing a space for performing our services.

Still Waters Wellness practitioners come to your facility at regularly scheduled intervals (ideally, once a week) and set up in a community room. While we are at your facility, appointments are scheduled for the next on-site visit.  For their appointments, your residents come to the community room for services and pay us directly at the time of service. 

We also offer private, in-room/apartment sessions - again, scheduled in advance and paid directly to us.

We provide flyers and other notifications as reminders to the residents about our on-site schedule of services, discounts and coupons,  and information about our services and the benefits. We rely on staff to distribute and post this information to alert the residents.

A Resident-Paid program lacks a certain spontaneity. Only those residents who have a scheduled appointment and funds to pay for it will find relief.


A 30-minute ‘community room’ session is $45.

A 60-minute private session is $200.

How many sessions are available?

Community room sessions serve up to 30 residents in a 3-hour time-slot.

Private, in-room sessions serve one resident an hour.

Available Services

Pet Therapy Plus is not available for a Resident-Paid program.

Connect with us

Suzan Kearney, Program Director
phone: (972) 768-9892
email: Suzan@StillWatersWellness.com

What are People Saying?
  • “My feet have never felt so good. They always hurt, but they don’t now.” (Chronic plantar fasciitis, injections were no help, still pain-free at follow-up six weeks later)
  • “My whole week after I saw you was so PRODUCTIVE!  It felt so good to get things done! Thank you!” (Nursing staff)
  • “I’ve had this sciatica for months.  10 minutes of this treatment and it’s GONE. I almost don’t believe I ever had it.” (Resident)
  • “I don’t feel as scared.  There’s a peace for me about it.” (Patient facing big decision)

We work on-site, delivering relief from pain and stress at the physical, emotional and mental levels